Jolly Crouton Media Ltd. is a goofy studio based in Cincinnati. Creative, laughter-inducing, eccentric fun is our favorite. Observe the mindfruits of our creative thinkybrains on the page below. If the urge strikes you to converse with us, please do give us a toot on the ol' e-horn! (We respond best when free cookies are attached.)

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Splotches for PC

Splotches is a bamboozlingly funtertaining puzzle game we lovingly crafted for the peoples. If you like globs of paint and explosions, Splotches is just the game for you! You can visit the website to download it for PC. We're currently working on an iPad port, so check back soon!

Visit the Splotches website!
The Buswick

The Buswick is an annual independent video game development hootenanny that we run. It's cram-packed with entertainiments! If you're a game developer, come around during the month of August to participate for a chance at winning prizes. Or just visit to play all the spiffy entries that get made!

Inspectinate The Buswick!
Shirt Shoppe

Everybody loves elepuns! That's why we've put up this dandy shirt shoppe where you can buy coolbeans designs straight from the noggins of our cleverest oompa loompas. Buy JCM gear, The Buswick shwag, elephantine jokery, or whatever other st'prubulous claddables we've made.

Browse ye olde apparel!
Gran, Gramps, 'n Beansie

Our next project is an action adventure called Gran, Gramps, 'n Beansie. In this whimsical tale, a boy and his grandparents set off to find an ancient artifact called the Crystalline Super Muffin before the dastardly Mortimer Crimbottom can get his hands on its hidden power for nefarious purpose.

(Check back soon!)
The Cheat Code Association

The Cheat Code Association is an open group of indie game developers who are bringing back easter eggs in their projects. If you miss sesquipedalian cheat codes, join the crew!

Enter the ranks of the Cheat Code Association!

Dilly-Dallying is a new webcomic we're working on. Our creative goal is to make it funny, heartwarming, and goofy. If that sounds like your cup of Earl Grey, stop back again!

(Check back later!)